Voorstellen - Anthoula

Hello everyone!
My name is Anthoula, I come from Greece and I am certified Classical Mat Pilates teacher. My journey with Pilates started years ago when I started experiencing the first signs of burnout. While practicing Pilates I learnt how to better listen to my body, how to move with precision and be fully present in the moment. There was such a significant positive impact on my body and mind that I decided to follow the Pilates teacher training so I could further spread the love of Pilates and help others.

For me Pilates is more than a workout – it’s a skill you bring into your daily life and affects your posture, the way you stand and you walk. Through my lessons my goal is to help my clients reconnect with their body, become stronger and live a healthier lifestyle.

Come and join me on the mat, I look forward to seeing you soon!